How I Tell a Story

I'm a photographer based in Portland Oregon and I love telling great visual stories about how it feels to be in this place, at this moment, with these people. 

My style and approach is direct, clean, classic, and true.

I love beautiful, natural light and spend an awful lot of time hunting it down, but I'm not afraid to make my own if it will help tell the story!

 Get in touch and let's talk about telling your story. You can send me an email here and you can find me on Twitter and Facebook

About Dan

Oregonian for life, Coffee Nerd, Curator of Breakfast foods, Lover of music with a groove. Husband to an amazing woman named Emily, Dad to a lego fanatic named Caedon, Aislynn- the princess of crafts and spicy cheese, and Gavin- who schools grown men in the art of gaming. Also, we all belong to a crazy Chocolate lab named Bailey that thinks she's a human.