iPhone 5 Has Been Announced

So, the iPhone 5 has been announced. I have a handful of folks that always ask about this sort of thing because they know that I'm a big nerd about Apple stuff.

My thoughts in short: This one is pretty awesome. I'll be preordering it on Friday.

The specifics:

The screen is just a little longer, which makes room for another row of apps on the home screen and allows for full 16x9 widescreen when turned on its side. The touch sensor is integrated directly into the display which allows for a thinner screen.

It has LTE, which is faster than a lot of home broadband connections.

It has a faster processor which means that it will do everything faster.

Better camera with a built in panorama feature. Also, there is a Sapphire crystal over the lens which will keep it from getting scratched.

The back is one piece of Aluminum. Apple calls it Unibody construction. Small pieces of glass on each end of the back for the Wifi and Bluetooth antennas

Thinner, lighter, Faster.

Did anyone expect anything less?

Preorder this Friday the 14th, ships on Friday the 21st.