Mt Hood Sunset

Mt Hood Sunset | 365 Project | Jan 12th, 2013

I took the boys to get doughnuts this afternoon and on the way back I could see that the top of Mt Scott was lit up orange by the sunset. We were already on the right road so we drove to the top hoping for a cool view of the sunset to the west but were surprised by this view looking out at Mt Hood over Happy Valley. At the time I wished I was carrying a longer lens but I like the way the trees and community below contrast with the haze and glow on the mountain.

City Train Tracks

This is right outside of my building in downtown looking South along the Max tracks. It's pretty similar to another image I posted a few months back. It should be as the lights in the background are basically the same.

I was crouched down close to the ground with a bag of breakfast tacos to take the shot and just as I stood up, a woman said, " I was wondering what you were doing down there!"

I suppose we photographers all look a little strange from time to time.

City Train Tracks | 365 Project | Jan 4th, 2012