Wednesday Weekend Shoot

I had a chance to meet up with the updated lineup for Wednesday Weekend. As you can see, these photos weren't taken yesterday, but back in March around the Mt. Tabor resevoir. We almost didn't meet that day as the rain was clearly on the way.

A typical Oregon downpour started up just 10 minutes after I snapped the last frame.


Swirly Backgrounds- Olympus 55mm, f/1.2

I let a friend borrow my Fuji X100s over the weekend for a concert he was shooting and in return, he lent me his Olympus Zuiko 55mm, f/1.2. I've never used a lens with such a large aperture and it really is just a completely different experience.

The backgrounds are incredibly textured and swirly which can give a nice emphasis to foreground elements. I think you'd need to be really careful that the background doesn't distract from the intended subject though.

As you can learn quite easily from a quick google search (and these photos), this lens is fairly soft at the maximum f/1.2 aperture, but there is a dream-like effect you receive in exchange. If you are looking for a sharper image it's just one click over to f/2.

The glass in this lens is enormous which you can see in my selfie here or John Carey's desktop featuring another copy of the same lens.

Overall, this is a really unique piece of gear. Like pretty much any lens with a big aperture, it does stuff that your standard lens can't pull off. I'm not sure I need one, but it sure is fun!

July Supermoon


I wasn't aware there was a Supermoon this evening until around I got out my long lens and headed out to the front yard. This particular lens is a very large and heavy Soligor OM mount Macro zoom lens. It's still not quite a long enough focal length for these types of moon photos, so I've cropped it a bit as well, but with the NEX 7's 24 megapixels, it still looks pretty good.


4th of July


We spent the afternoon with our good friends the Harmons and some of their family, neighbors and friends. We had a pool, a culdesac, lots of fireworks and one lighter. I spent some serious time supervising the children with that one lighter and Steve went-to-town with my camera. Lots of the photos through the middle were made by him.

If you click on one of the photos, you can use the arrows to scroll through them in order.




I met up with my friend Aaron Courter for lunch today at a taco place in North Portland. It's always great to catch up and talk about our families and I get to pick his brain about photography. He brought along his Fujifilm XT-1 and 23mm lens (at my request) and I did some comparison shots.

Both were shot in RAW, and then I added the Fuji Provia profile in lightroom to the shots from the XT-1 and edited the Sony file to get it as close as possible. The XT-1 has essentially the same sensor as my X100s so the editing is pretty familiar.