Summer 2014 by Film

I don't shoot a lot of film- maybe a roll of 36 frames every 4 weeks or so. I continue to do so, primarily because it has a different feel, a different color pallette than I'm used to with digital. I also wait for the right timing. There is also a palpable cost with each frame, so I'm not going to just fire away.

Because I shoot so sparingly, I often wish for smaller rolls of film. 12 would seem about right. I'm also a little spoiled by the resolution and latitude I get with my digital cameras so there's a thought of experimenting with medium format film eventually.

Either way, the types of film I shoot are either hard to get or unavailable in smaller rolls. These were made with Kodak Portra 400, but I set the camera to 200 on the advice of a couple great photographers.

Film compared to Digital- Sunset Light

I just got a roll of film back from development and matched up a couple photos with their digital counterparts taken back in July. (I don't shoot a lot of film) I thought it would be interesting to post them here so you could see the difference.

Technical notes-

The digital photos were made with the Fujifilm X100s, with the aperture set at f/2. This camera has a 23mm lens (35mm equivalent). I shot RAW as usual and processed to my memory with a couple small adjustments to exposure.

The film is Kodak Portra 400, over exposed by one stop and the camera/lens is my Olypmpus OM1 with the 50mm set at f/1.8

Testing out the Sony Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 on the A7


I've been thinking about upgrading to the Sony A7 for a few months now, but I've had a few questions about the compatability of the lenses I already own for the APSC Sony NEX7.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I really have fallen in love with the 24mm, f/1.8 Zeiss lens that I started using about a year ago. I hate to see it go, so I'm spending time really looking at it closely to see if it will have a long term place in this new kit.

As you can see in the above crop, I'm able to still get a pretty useable square format shot if I choose to crop manually after the fact. There's a bit of extra brain power needed when composing, but the final size of the image is roughly 14-15 Megapixels vs the 10.3 that is yielded when the camera does it's own 2x3 crop.

For those of you that are picky- yes, there are still some bits of darkness in the corners.

Below is the same photo, but cropped to the standard APSC size that the camera chooses automatically if you don't turn this feature off. Obviously I would have backed up had I been in the crop mode to begin with. This field of view is my favorite. Very close to 35mm. I'll probably end up with a fast true 35mm lens for this camera as that's how I see everything.



I made a quick stop at Cathedral Park this afternoon and met MaryLou who said hi and immediately asked if I'd take her picture. She let me know that she spends a lot of time in the park feeding the birds and that she recently got out of a relationship with someone who hurt her badly.

We talked for a few minutes before she packed up her things and headed down to the waterfront and I headed back to my office. I asked if she would mind me putting her photo on my site and she said that she loved the idea and hoped that I'd let people know that its important to look out for yourself and stay away from people who hurt you.

The Band

Last night there was an epic party for my good friend Roger Porter who recently tested negative for cancer after a heavy duty few months of radiation and the crazy amount of tired that goes along with killing it and moving on.

As part of the celebration, some fine gentlemen from the band Vagabond Opera came out and made the night perfect!

Classic Gavin Smile and a New Camera

This kid has such a classic smile and it fires up anytime he sees the camera pointed his direction. It just so happens that it's a new camera pointed his direction here.

I haven't mentioned it on the site here, but I sold my Fujifilm X100s a few weeks ago and I replaced it with a Sony A7. It came in the mail yesterday and I'm running it through its paces. I bought it with the 28-70 kit zoom as I'm not quite ready to invest in any of the FE primes that are available. It just so happens that 2 new Zeiss lenses were announced this week and at least one of them is of particular interest for me.

It uses the same lens mount as my NEX 7 so for the time being, in addition to the zoom, I'll be using my favorite lens, the APSC specific Sony Zeiss 24mm f/1.8. It's not designed to cover the Sony full frame sensor and there is a prominent black ring vignette that shows in the corners and sides, but the A7 has the ability to shoot in a crop mode. This gives a 10.3 megapixel image and the same field of view as I get on my NEX7 of 36mm. Obviously I'm giving up some of the benefit of the larger sensor, but there's still a noticeable difference compared to the NEX 7. This photo was taken in crop mode with this lens.

I'll be looking to add a native E Mount 35mm lens that covers the full frame sensor, but I'm going to take my time in making that decision. Although Sony already offers a 35mm, it's aperture is f/2.8. Though sharp and high quality, really doesn't offer the shallower depth of field or low light capability that I want from this new sensor.

I'm pretty pleased with the images I've taken so far and will post a side-by-side comparison between the NEX 7 and the A7 soon. I'll also include some non-crop mode photos of my current APSC Sony lenses on the A7.

Real Pink

Like most photographers who aren't taking photos professionally, there are sometimes days that go by when I'm either not inspired to take pictures or I'm just so overwhelmed by other things (like work) that the camera just never makes it out of my bag. This two week stretch was like that for me.

We're heading out this afternoon to rejoin our kids who have been with their grandparents for the past week in Coos Bay. I'm really hoping to get out and make some great images while we're there.